In Commercial applications the use of multiple end to end glass panels held within a strong aluminium channel allows for unrestricted panoramic views.

Channel Systems

Using our fully adjustable channels the glass panels are held firmly using a series of clamps which lock the glass within the channel whilst allowing for the panels to align with micro vertical adjustment to both sides meaning the panels are held perfectly in line. Individual or multiple panels can easily be removed to allow for temporary access or to replace a panel if damaged.

With channel systems you can create extended runs of vertical glass panels from the standard 1100mm high up to 1800mm high to give an almost invisible, unrestricted view, especially when using low iron glass which has virtually no colour when viewed through the flat surface and very little colour to the outer edge.

Channel systems work well in open plan designs creating invisible safety barriers to section off specific areas or to maintain security. Option of stainless steel or wooden handrails or minimalist stainless steel capping can be incorporated into the design during or post installation with the specification for the glass type and thickness determined by the height of glass barrier, height of fall being prevented and whether a handrail is to be included..

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