The use of glass in balustrades is a “must-have” bringing unobscured sightlines and amazing panoramic vistas coupled with minimalist design.

Our balustrade systems are designed for both commercial and domestic applications with either seamless glass to glass panelling or with vertical posts and handrails for a more engineered aesthetic.  The system and glass selection will vary according to whether it’s for commercial or domestic application in order to meet the latest UK Building Regulations.

Channel Systems

Individual glass panels inserted into an aluminium base channel with minimal gaps in between allow you to enjoy an unrestricted panoramic view.

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Post Systems

The use of vertical posts in balustrade, staircase and balcony design is more traditional and far more widespread than other systems, especially when glass is not included.

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Button Fixing

For a simple and striking solution we can use circular stainless steel button fixings which clamp the glass panels to the wall or staircase stringer giving a minimalist design with or without a handrail.

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Glass Selection

With a wide range of systems on offer the requirement for glass needs to change to meet UK Building Regulations as well as personal choice by way of look and by way of economy.

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