Mirrors are great for maximising the use of light to give the impression of increased space.


Within Commercial buildings mirrors are widely used in communal areas such as toilets and waiting rooms for the primary use of hand washing and personal appearance.

Mirror is available in a much wider range than one might think. Silver mirror is the common choice with smoked grey and bronze being next in line but the choice is vast. Blue, Green, Gold and Peach complete the tinted range, 2 way security (Spy) mirror, Acid etch mirror, Double sided laminated mirror and Low Iron mirror with almost no tint at all complete the range of standard colours. In addition to these there are well over 20 Antique mirror designs in different colours and patterns, some of which are more akin to back painted designs rather than mirror.

Standard mirror is ideal for bouncing light and giving the impression of increased space. For bathrooms, gyms, restaurants and lifts silver mirror, with the addition of a safety backing adds to the design of the space as well as giving users the benefit of their own reflection. Antique mirrors are more commonly used to create a feature wall or to provide an ambiance, to a restaurant or lounge area. They can also be used in place of Splashbacks and Back painted glass.

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