Urban Square are ready to help with both the specification and installation of the best system to meet your needs. Below is a selection of what we can offer by way of Bespoke solutions using glass, both indoor and outdoor.


Architectural glass is the term for glass used as a building material.

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Glass Assemblies

Glass Assemblies is commonly used as the term for external glazing where the panels are held together using spider fixings and bolted brackets.

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UV Bonding is the process of adhering glass together with the same or a different material using an adhesive which cures using Ultra violet light to create a very strong bond.

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Splashbacks made from back painted, mirrored or back printed toughened glass are readily becoming the norm in commercial  design for use in kitchens, washrooms and tea points.

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Back Painted

As with Splashbacks, Back painted glass is widely used in commercial building design for use in corporate receptions, stairwells, corridors, boardrooms and other high traffic areas where surface protection is key to keeping it looking clean and unmarked.

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Standard mirror is good for bouncing light and giving the impression of increased space.

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Privacy Glass

Smart glass or switchable glass is a glass whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied.

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We are happy to quote for any screen design, from the very simple to the very complex. Please contact us for a no obligation quote and survey if required and allow us to assist you in the implementation of your social distancing measures within the workplace.

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