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Using glass panels with metal connectors and channels we have designed a range of solutions to cover different manufacturers designs and configurations of office desks.

Crittall Style Screens

For many years the name Crittall has become synonymous with attractive, well designed and flexible, stylish and above all practical glazing solutions. Crittall windows and Crittall style doors are a top choice in many commercial and residential settings.

With design aesthetics becoming ever more important in locations such as smaller offices along with larger commercial workplaces and homes, other glazing options such as Crittall partitions including Crittall screens are becoming ever more popular as a way to configure workspaces and residential living areas while retaining a feeling of spaciousness and light.

The Crittall room divider cost of installation needs to be weighed against the benefits of likely increased productivity from staff working more efficiently with plenty of light, a feeling of space plus benefitting from improved ergonomics in the workplace through the use of a Crittall screen based office design.

Entire glazed internal or external surfaces can be created with a Crittall glass wall, and the ‘Crittall frame’ is a trademark of this type of glazing; the slimline form factor being a key feature the original Crittall doors and windows design philosophy was founded on.

Flexible and Practical Crittall Style Screens

Another major benefit of a Crittall room divider glazing solution is flexibility: if you think your commercial workspace requirements  might change over time and you may need to reconfigure the area, then it is possible to specify a more temporary Crittall glass screen, windows and even doors solution that is easy to reconfigure as and when your needs change.

We are fully used to catering to the needs of a wide range of commercial and residential customers’ requirements, so we can help advise and plan your workspace layout and - if required - build in flexibility so making alterations to your Crittall interior partitions straightforward when the need arises.

Style is a key consideration when it comes to workspace layout and design, and to this end Crittall room screen options give you plenty of choices to make your commercial areas look stylish and create a positive impression on your customers and staff. Working in a well designed and attractive environment is a definite plus to help morale and productivity.

There are Crittall alternatives to your workspace partitioning layout and to residential applications: we are happy to discuss them but due to the proven design of Crittall windows, doors, screens and dividers they often become the preferred option for a multitude of our customers.

Crittall doors, windows and other glazing options can suit a number of commercial and residential applications and blend in perfectly with the overall decor and style of building whether a commercial office, a hospitality venue such as a hotel or conference centre, a school or a university building - not to mention various types of residential location from a modern property to something older. Whether it is for external wall glazing or interior partitions, Crittall glazed screen and window options offer solutions for most requirements.

The practicalities of Crittall internal screen solutions includes considerations such as acoustics and sound proofing. In many instances, while visibility is important - for example being able to see from an office what is happening on the open plan floor or production area - so too is sound proofing. We can supply a Crittall interior screen specification to include the appropriate amounts of sound deadening so visibility is high but not at the expense of excessive and disruptive noise pollution.

Safe and Secure Crittall Style Screens

Expanses of glazing to exterior walls can be an energy drain as heat escapes at a rapid rate through glass, but Crittall windows, doors and other surfaces that need to keep warmth in benefit from the latest heat insulation technology such as state of the art double glazing techniques.

So if you decide, for example,  a whole exterior surface should be glazed with a Crittall glass wall installation, you can be confident it will be as energy efficient as modern glass technology allows so enabling you to benefit from the striking aesthetics and appeal of natural light without wasting energy.

It is not just wide use of glass that enables an open area to benefit from natural light, but also the use of slimline framing: the Crittall frame is largely what put this type of glazing solution ‘on the map’ in that this specialist technology enables slim framing that not only looks aesthetically appealing, but allows more of the surface area to be glass so allowing more light to fill the space.

Fire safety is naturally a very important consideration as part of effective Health and Safety provision in commercial settings; safety in a residential environment is equally vital and something to factor in when considering glazing options. Crittall room partitions and screens can conform to various fire safety standards depending on glass specification: we are happy to advise.

Full Crittall Screens Service

Installing your Crittall interior screen solution starts with a consultation with ourselves where we can help and advise based on your requirements and the potential of your commercial or residential property. Some of our project managers and operatives have over 25 years’ experience in the architectural glass industry, and are responsible for a multitude of installations across various industry types and many residential settings so you are in safe hands.

We are always committed to providing the best solution at a value for money price point, so your Crittall screen cost and other related glazing will be a good value investment and the start of what we hope will be a long and mutually beneficial business relationship with you. Our aim is in building long term relationships with our customers - something we have done consistently since we started in business.

We are fully transparent in our dealings with you from the start of your Crittall windows, doors, screen and general glazing project: we recognise no two installations are the same so we will provide a full and accurate quotation based on a full survey and design based on your brief and our input.

Alternatively, we can provide an estimate of your Crittall screen price or other glazing project as a ‘ballpark’ figure so you have a general idea as to whether the project will fall within your budget. This estimate would be before any specific work such as detailed survey or in depth design is undertaken.


Our design of your Crittall interior dividers installation and other related glazing is backed up by full technical support where we may conduct structural surveys and determine exactly the specification of glass to be used.

Once we receive your go ahead we plan the installation: firstly we undertake a full risk assessment and give you a guidance as to how long the work will take. Your relationship with us does not stop once we have installed your Crittall screens and other glazing: we provide ongoing and comprehensive after care, so any mishaps such as a broken pane of glass is dealt with swiftly.

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