Baulstrades /
Balconies up to 3KN load

The use of glass in balustrades and balconies brings unobscured panoramic views coupled with sleek, minimalist design. Our glass balustrade systems are designed to work in all domestic applications with either a seamless appearance or with posts and handrails for a more engineered look.

Balustrades / Balconies up to 3KN load


Individual frameless glass panels allow you to enjoy an unrestricted panoramic view. With options of continuous aluminium channels or stainless steel button fixings and spigots to support the glass at the base you can create continuous runs of vertical glass to give an almost invisible appearance, especially when using low iron glass. The option of a stainless steel or wooden handrail can be included at the time of installation or at a later date.

Point Fixing

For Juliet balconies and recessed glass panels we offer point fix systems using circular button fixings or square/radius edge clamps to give a minimalist appearance whilst conforming to building regulations.

Post and Panel

Vertical steel baluster posts with pre-fitted glass clamps and glass panels in-between give a more contemporary look to the design with the option of a matching handrail to the top. Customizable elements such as round or square posts and handrails in satin or polished finish allow you to further enhance the appearance. For Juliet balconies, we offer rail systems which clamp the top and bottom or both sides of the glass with the top rail also forming a handrail.

Tensioned Cable

For balconies and balustrades we offer tensioned cable systems with eye bolts to end posts and through holes to intermediates allowing 4mm or 6mm dia. stainless steel cables to be tensioned end to end. Horizontal cables give an architectural look which fits in well with coastal and riverside projects. For a more contemporary look you can mix glass panels and cables between the posts to give the appearance that some bays are totally open. Customizable elements such as round or square posts and hand rails in satin or polished finish allow you to further enhance the appearance.

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