Glass is used in staircase construction in a number of different ways. To form the outer balustrade or the steps themselves or the dividing partition between floors on a turning staircase. Whether it’s Straight, L-shape, U-shape, Winder or Curved we can provide the glass solution to meet your needs.



Individual glass panels form an invisible balustrade, providing a minimal and clean appearance, allowing for an unobscured view. This method works exceptionally well with todays’ desire for open plan homes or where the staircase is a feature within the space. The glass panels can be housed within an aluminium base channel secured to the stringer or clamped between a double stringer with point fixings securing the glass to the inside stringer. This makes the fixing method invisible allowing you to maintain a clean design. The use of low iron glass, with less-colour to the body and edges of the glass panels really adds to the almost invisible appearance. The option of a stainless steel or wooden handrail can be included during or post installation.


Similar in design to a post and panel system but without the glass clamps to the edges. The baluster posts, handrail and stringer have a groove, allowing the glass to be housed on all edges or on two or three edges if desired. This allows the staircase and landing balconies to run into one another seamlessly and also allows for thinner glass panels to be used due to the addition of posts and handrails.

Post and Panel

Vertical baluster posts in timber or steel with square or D shape clamps to hold the glass panels in-between bring about a more contemporary look with the option of a matching handrail to the top. Customizable elements such as round or square posts and hand rails allow you to further enhance the appearance.

Point Fixing

For a simple and striking solution we use circular stainless steel buttons which clamp the glass panels to the stringer giving a minimalist design with or without a handrail. The individual glass panels are clamped along the base with small gaps in between. This solution is ideal for curved and winder staircases and adds an architectural look to the design showing off the fixings as much as the glass itself.

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