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Fire safety is a main priority for commercial and residential buildings meeting strict building guidelines. Urban Square are leading installers of Fire Rated glass partitioning which can be combined with other standard glazing systems.

Fire Ratings explained

Fire rated glass partitioning meets 2 classifications, Integrity - E and Insulation - EI as detailed in the European standard EN357. These requirements are usually listed in minutes, i.e. 60/30 means 60 minutes Integrity and 30 minutes Insulation.

E: Integrity

Category E - Integrity is the ability of the glass partition to form a barrier to prevent the passage of flames or hot gases through the glass when exposed to fire on one side and to prevent the occurrence of flames on the unexposed side. Glass in category E: Integrity offers effective protection from flames and smoke but does not prevent the transmission of heat in the event of a fire.

EI: Integrity and Insulation

Category EI - Insulation offers the highest level of protection from flames, smoke and heat. The glass performs to the standard E when in it also restricts temperature rise on the unexposed face to below the required standard when exposed to fire on one side.

Whether designing a commercial or residential building, compliance with the minimum standard of UK Building Regulations is required. Selecting the correct specification of fire safety glass can help to ensure you not only meet, but exceed the minimum level of protection for both people and property.

Urban Square are leading installers of Fire Rated glass partitioning systems with framed or frameless glass joints to use in isolation or to combine with other standard glazing systems. Fire rated glass ranges in thickness from 5mm toughened glass for E30 application up to 52mm laminated glass for specialist EI120 application. Thicker laminated glass options offer higher acoustic performances due to their multiple pane design with sound absorbing clear interlayers between each pane.

We are happy to provide specific details on any type or brand of fire glass. We work with all manufacturers such as Schott, Pilkington, AGC Glass, ESG & Pyroguard.


30 minutes integrity, 0 minutes insulation - 30:0

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30 minutes integrity, 30 minutes insulation - 30:30

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60 minutes integrity, 0 minutes insulation - 60:0

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60 minutes integrity, 60 minutes insulation - 60:60

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In addition to providing glazed fire screens we also provide manifestation to the glass.

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