Painted Glass
Easy To Keep

A concern to companies, homeowners and commercial landlords alike is how to keep walls clean and free from germs preventing the spread of germs and the poor appearance of stained or damaged paintwork. This has never been more important than since Covid 19 hit our shores.


Painted walls are adequate for most situations but for high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, tea points and receptions the importance of an easy to clean surface not only helps with the spread of germs but also keeps the area looking clean and tidy which can be seen as a reflection on the premises owner themselves.

There are many ways to clad or protect walls. Special paints, solid surfaces, stainless steel sheet and acrylic can all be used but nothing works as well as glass with its non-porous hard wearing surface and its ability to be transformed from something simple to one that adds brightness, colour and even imagery to the space.

Glass can be shaped, have internal cut outs for sockets and can be supplied in large panels to negate the need for inter panel joints which can be a magnet for dirt. Many of our customers, Commercial landlords, Office Fit Out contractors, House builders and Private homeowners seek our advice on how and which surfaces we can protect. Glass and Mirror are both a perfect way to protect a wall and add to the overall aesthetic of the space at the same time as allowing you the flexibility to blend in or stand out or even reflect! Recently, one of our commercial customers asked us to look at adding painted splashbacks to a number of areas in the main canteen at their corporate clients’ UK headquarters in Bracknell.

The Challenge

This needed to be carried out in conjunction with adding sneeze screens to the existing serveries and new coffee stations to the tea points as ongoing changes to the workplace were being carried out in line with their “back to work” strategy after the Coronavirus lockdown.

Whilst the splashbacks were a permanent fixture, the sneeze screens were designed to be removable at a later stage so any join between the two needed to be fixing free and unnoticeable were the sneeze screens to be removed at a later date.

The Result

After taking each area into consideration and working with our commercial partner on their own program of works we installed high level back painted toughened glass panels to the main tea points and servery area. These comprised white back painted panels adhered to the walls which had already been overpainted from green to white to prevent any show through around the edge of each glass panel. Each panel had to align perfectly with the next one, to the top and the bottom and with the multiple electrical sockets to the servery walls with minimal joints.

The sneeze screens were then secured to the counter and to the splashbacks using aluminium channels which were fixed to the surfaces using silicone adhesive so they could be easily removed when the screens came down. The overall result was clean and bright wall areas allowing the cleaning contractor to maintain its brand new appearance very easily whilst keeping germs and dirt at bay.