Screens /
Wet Rooms

Glass shower screens are becoming “the norm” in modern home design. The use of frameless glass panels from floor to ceiling, either fixed or hinged allows for open and roomy shower areas. Rooms can be divided with the use of glass partitions rather than building walls which obscure light and reduce space.

Shower Screens / Wet Rooms


Individual frameless glass panels either from floor to ceiling or from the floor only can be used to create a barrier to the wet room with a wide opening for unrestricted access. The glass can be fixed inside metal channels, recessed or face fixed to the tiled wall or secured in glass clamps to one, two or 3 sides. If the panels do not go full height to the ceiling, horizontal support bars from the wall keep the panel rigid if knocked. End posts can also be incorporated for design or for easy identification of where the glass ends.

Wet Rooms / Steam Rooms

Dividing walls and full enclosures can be formed using clamp fittings and channels with hinged doors and over panels. Curved or flat, clear, tinted or obscure, all-glass options are available. Larger spaces can be sub-divided using glass walls to create toilets and showers with a mix of clear and frosted glass allowing the maximum amount of light to transmit into each space with privacy where needed. Mirrors can also be used to bounce light and maximise the feeling of space.