To assist the return to work for UK businesses Urban Square has developed a range of Coronavirus Protection Screens for temporary or permanent placement. We offer standard sizes to suit most reception counters and desks and can create bespoke solutions to meet the specific needs for Offices, Receptions, Canteens and Restaurants where an off the shelf solution will not work.

Do not settle for a quick economical solution. Consider appearance, longevity and practicality.

Glass is a great medium to long term solution. It’s easy to clean, tough and hard wearing. It also accepts all non-abrasive cleaning methods whereas acrylic can be too flexible, too easy to scratch and requires specialist cleaners to avoid crazing or the panels going misty.

The first question you need to consider is for how long the screens need to be in situ. Current thinking is, until a vaccine has been found.

If they are temporary then the design needs to be freestanding or lightly fixed (bonded) so after removal the desk or counter can revert back to normal without the need to replace or make good. Most designs on the market rely upon mechanically fixed clamps or feet which can leave ugly holes after removal.

Desk Screens

Using glass panels with metal connectors and channels we have designed a range of solutions to cover different manufacturers designs and configurations of office desks.

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Reception Screens

Reception screens need to protect both visitors and employees whilst enabling easy communication. We offer a range of freestanding glass screens with steel feet in RAL powder coated finish to suit your reception or corporate image.

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Canteen & Restaurant Screens

New requirements for social distancing will severely limit the use of staff restaurants and canteens. With many companies choosing to scale back on their food offer the need to maintain some kind of offer, whether for pre-packaged food or hot drinks is paramount in having a happy work place.

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Get in touch today for a quote

We are happy to quote for any screen design, from the very simple to the very complex. Please contact us for a no obligation quote and survey if required and allow us to assist you in the implementation of your social distancing measures within the workplace.

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COVID Screens Brochure

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