After Sales

Urban Square provides After Sales support for all our projects, whether its supply only or supply and installation. Whether you require an urgent repair or further information on the system supplied we are happy to assist.

On occasion things don’t go to plan. Accidents happen and urgent repairs are required. As the company who originally installed the system we keep accurate records of the parts used and the type of glass provided. We can carry out the repair or pass this information on to others.

The majority of parts supplied are covered under UK or EU warranty with a minimum guarantee of 2 years. Accidental damage is not covered but this does not changes how we deal with a repair. We always try to resolve issues and repairs in the shortest time possible. If its for an off the shelf products such as a handle or handrail end cap its usually within 24-48hrs, if its for glass then it can be anything from  48hrs to 3 weeks depending on the type of glass supplied.