Modern Aluminium windows share little with old aluminium windows, previously criticised for condensation or bad thermal performance. These old windows were limited to white or silver colours, with a high maintenance hardwood sub frame.


The aluminium windows you can buy today have evolved significantly. As a result, modern windows are highly thermally efficient, secure and weather resistant. Also, fixing is now directly to the structure without sub frames. Triple glazing is widely available too.

Furthermore, there is a huge choice of colours available.  Many frames and sash options give a square, profiled, ovolo, chamfered, slim or wide windows, suitable for any home. If money is no object, you can even have a bespoke window created.

Where you are looking for narrow windows such as replacing old steel windows or where you are looking for maximum glass area, aluminium windows are slimmer than any PVCu window.

With so much choice in aluminium window styles and designs, a reputable installer experienced in aluminium windows will advise you on the most suitable product.

The main advantage aluminium windows have over their pvcu counterparts is aesthetics. For slimline looks, nothing beats aluminium.

For your home, there are choices on the style and type of opening windows, glass and other factors. The majority of windows within a commercial environment will be opening out casement windows.

There are other options such as tilt and turn, pivot or top-swing reversible. The same will apply in many cases for domestic properties where domestic versions of these windows are available.

Polyamide Windows

Polyamide windows are constructed from a polyamide insulated system that provides exceptional thermal performance in the current market where energy efficient designs are paramount.

BSF can offer these environmentally friendly window systems with the guarantee that these will meet the demands of the latest building regulations by providing enhanced thermal performance, reducing heat loss and maintaining temperatures for longer. This directly impacts on the clients long term use of the building by reducing energy bills.

At Reynaers Aluminium you will find an aluminium window for every project type, from commercial to residential to traditional and contemporary. Our windows are both versatile in function and design. Every desired opening type is available, from inward and outward opening, turn and tilt and double casement. A full range of energy efficient windows are also available for those projects that require you to meet the most stringent efficiency demands. Browse our full range of aluminium windows on this page.

Aluminium is durable and lasts

Aluminium is one of the strongest and most durable building materials available and benefits from being virtually maintenance-free. Reynaers emphasises this superior quality in aluminium by providing a 10 year system guarantee on all of our aluminium windows. Hassle-free, stylish and robust...

Comfort, Design & Safety

All of our aluminium windows are available in different levels of insulation and safety. Triple glazed aluminium windows are also available, which are perfect for those projects requiring energy-efficient windows. The combination of strength and durability of aluminium, allows very large windows to be developed enabling maximum light in to a building. Aluminium is extremely flexible and can be shaped and bended giving you unlimited freedom to design.

Why choose aluminium windows?

Aluminium is strong, robust, durable and versatile. Our aluminium windows are naturally low maintenance and are built to last. We have aluminium windows that carry the Secure by Design accreditation, some of which are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions with exceptional acoustic performance and some of which meet the latest energy efficient requirements. Browse our range of aluminium windows on this page.