There are two basic meanings of design:

Design as a verb is the creation of a plan or specification for the construction of a system.

Design as a noun refers to a plan or object and its features such as aesthetics and functionality.

Urban Square have an enviable reputation in the design and delivery of architectural glazing projects. With our wealth of knowledge of the different systems on the market and our experience in delivering projects across the UK we are happy to work with customers from the initial concept or at any time during the design stage to ensure the final solution not only meets customers’ expectations in design but also in budget. With a good, better, best offer being available in the majority of systems, from commercial offices through to domestic balustrades the importance of meeting the budget and design expectation requires us to be involved as early in the process as possible, working direct with the end customer or with their professional partners.

When the overall design of the system is known, other elements such as the type of glass to be used or the type of door furniture is then equally important. Product Design plays a vital role in making sure the system is fit for purpose. Whether to use recessed floor springs or side mounted hydraulic door hinges, whether to use toughened or laminated safety glass all play a role in how the system operates and whether it meets building regulations. Our knowledge in Product Design is unrivalled. We understand the features and benefits of each product so we can match them to the design. We don’t over specify adding unnecessary cost, we select the best fit based on usage, life expectancy and quality of aesthetic required.