At Urban Square we don’t have a standard price list due to the nature of our business. This is because the skills, time and materials required for each job vary depending on customers' needs.

This is very common in the building industry or when proposing bespoke products, where no two jobs are exactly the same. When it's not possible to use a standard price list, we are able to give a quotation or an estimate instead.

The main difference between a quotation and an estimate is that:

A quotation is an agreed price which is most often provided subsequent to a survey being carried out. The price is fixed for the work proposed and will not change even if additional work is done subject to it not being on the original quotation.

An estimate is approximate price or estimated guess that is not binding and may change depending on final factors and unforeseen circumstances. This is often called a “ballpark figure” and allows customers to know if the design is affordable or not prior to incurring design, survey and installation costs.