In Commercial design the use of stainless steel point fixings is common, clamping the glass panels directly to the wall or staircase. With a variable spacer section to hold the glass off the wall this also allows for easy cleaning whilst maintaining a minimalist design with or without a handrail.

Button Fixing

For balustrades and staircases in Commercial applications the panels are clamped at the base with twin vertical fixing points. The thickness of the glass ranges from 12mm toughened up to 21.5mm toughened laminated depending on the application, fall and size of panel. Point or Button fixing is ideal for smaller balustrades, Minstrel galleries and for curved and winder staircases where a channel system cannot be used. The stainless steel buttons add an architectural feel, showing off the circular fixings as much as the glass itself. The use of low iron glass with almost no discernible colour when looking through the glass and very little colour to the outer edge adds to the invisibility of the barrier.

For Juliet balconies and single panel applications to prevent a fall point fixing systems work very well with the glass being clamped along the lateral edges with the glass oversailing the opening giving an unrestricted and open appearance from the inside whilst conforming to building regulations.

In general where a handrail is incorporated into the design single thickness toughened glass can be used such as 12mm, 15mm and 19mm with toughened and laminated glass being used in 17.5mm and 21.5mm thicknesses where no handrail is incorporated.

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