30 minutes integrity, 0 minutes insulation - 30:0

Glass options depend on whether the partition design is for a series of individual framed panels or for a continuous glass appearance with an outer frame with multiple glass panels.

For individual framed panels you can choose from Pyrotech®  30, Pyrobelite®, Pyroguard® and Pyran® S. For butt jointed panels you can choose from  Pyran® S, Pyroguard® and Pyroclear.

The frame and door system is generally RAL polyester powder coated steel or stainless steel such as those from RP Technik GmbH https://www.rp-technik.com/en and Forster Profile Systems https://www.forster-profile.ch/gb-en/home.html

There is a wide choice of both glass options and glazing systems available so depending on the design, the location and the specific fire rating requirements we would fine tune the shortlist to the most appropriate systems based on overall cost and appearance.