Preventative maintenance offsets the likelihood for repair but general wear and tear in a Commercial setting will mean certain parts will require to be changed or repaired during the life of the system just like you would on a vehicle or industrial machine.


A repair is something we all want to avoid. It can be as a result of a maintenance inspection leading to the replacement of a moving part such as a door lever, floor spring or gasket or something more serious such as a broken glass panel as a result of an accident.

We cover repairs to all major European manufacturers products. If a system is discontinued or inferior we will advise the most suitable alternative. If a glass panel breaks we will make it safe where possible for trading to resume and replace it in the shortest possible time with clear toughened glass panels often replaced in as little as 2 or 3 days.

On carrying out any repair we will also carry out a quick survey to any adjacent systems and advise on how to prevent the same happening again and offer solutions to remove the distress or inconvenience caused in future. For example with an exploded glass panel we can apply a clear safety film to existing toughened glass panels so if a panel does explode again the glass remains intact and small fragments do not scatter around the vicinity.

In all cases a preventative maintenance program to inspect glass doors, glass partitions and balustrades is a good way to offset costly and unwarranted repairs with the lifetime cost of the systembeing  lower in the long term in the same way following the manufactures maintenance program for a vehicle offsets future repairs.

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