Create a feeling of openness with stunning feature glass walls and divisions within your home.

Glass Walls for Residential

We create stunning glass walls and partitions within the home that allow natural light to travel through whilst adding to the contemporary feel of the design. Single or Double glazed, fully transparent or in Crittal effect we can add to the home aesthetic whilst maximising light and scale.

Room dividers are a great way of subtly adding areas in the layout of a home, often required in  fire rated format with hinged or sliding doors enabling you to maximise the use of the space whilst maintaining visibility from room to room.

With thoughtful planning from the initial design conception we can even hide the framework so the glass rises through the floor and up into the ceiling creating an almost invisible barrier.

Acoustic, opaque, clear or tinted glass, with or without Crittal bars, the possibilities are almost endless.

Swimming pool divides, Steam Room and Sauna fronts, Entrance Hall screens and Porch fronts are all something we provide and can assist with finding the best solution to meet your needs, helping with the specification and design, working directly with the homeowner, or your developer/designer/architect.