With sleek, minimalist designs, our single glazed partition systems meet a broad range of acoustic and design requirements, catering across all budgets for commercial and home applications.


The SG01 is the most popular system offering a minimalist look coupled with optimum strength. Working with toughened and laminated glass it offers acoustic properties and can be finished in Satin Aluminium, Brushed Stainless Steel effect or any RAL colour, working with both framed and frameless doors.
*With the option of a deeper head and wall track for switchable glass cabling.


The SG02 2 part deflection head can be combined with the SG01 system to cater for installations where increased movement to the ceiling is needed.


The SG03 Georgian system is fast becoming the new standard for a more aesthetic look. Using the same SG01 tracks with the addition of Georgian bars bonded to the inner and outer glass surfaces the result is a striking appearance which can be personalised to create different window sizes. Whilst black is the standard we can also supply the system in any RAL colour with toughened and laminated glass offering additional acoustic properties.


All of our single glazed partitioning systems are designed to work with 10mm and 12mm toughened safety glass which offer a degree of acoustic performance. We also offer 10.8mm and 12.8mm laminated glass for a better acoustic rating which can be combined with framed and unframed doors with acoustic gaskets and drop down door sills for meeting rooms and receptions or room dividers where noise transfer can pose an issue.

Many projects combine a mix of toughened and laminated glass screens, which look the same but offer different acoustic properties enabling you to keep the aesthetics consistent without adding cost where it’s not necessary.

Inter panel glazing joints

Glass offices and partition screens can really appear frameless with the latest technology of dry joint inserts. These have a far better appearance than silicone joints and enable the system to be dismantled or reconfigured with minimal disturbance. Installation time is also improved which benefits cost.  All of our single glazed systems can be installed using dry joint technology or silicone joints.  For Georgian bar systems the painted bars work in line with the vertical joints so you do not see the glazing joints. The maximum size of the glass panels depends on access to the building/floor.


In addition to providing the basics, such as the construction of glazed offices, walls and floors we also provide manifestation to the glass panels.  When it comes to building regulation, glass offices and partitions must meet the minimum health and safety standards. Whilst it would be nice to see a long run of perfectly clear glazing, the invisibility of glass in a commercial environment poses a safety risk to visitors and staff.  The minimum DDA requirement for commercial glazing is 2 levels of manifestation between 850-1000mm and 1400-1600mm from the floor. This can be in the form of a simple band of frosted dots or squares applied to one face of the glass or it can be in the form of logos or a decorative pattern. Nowadays the use of dots and squares is limited to short term and public areas with highly creative and individual designs of manifestation being used in most situations. The option of a Georgian bar system negates the need for manifestation given you are not too minimalist in your design of squares.

We are happy to quote for any design of manifestation needed, from the very simple to the complex. When we leave site we apply diagonal strips of low tack white tape to the glass to cover any health & safety risk in the short term.

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We are happy to quote for any screen design, from the very simple to the very complex. Please contact us for a no obligation quote and survey if required and allow us to assist you in the implementation of your social distancing measures within the workplace.

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Using glass walls for office interiors, as opposed to perhaps areas of
large open plan office, can help reduce costs


Glass walls for office space

An ideal way to create a feeling of space and airiness in your workspace whilst maintaining privacy and minimising the noise levels typical of some open plan office environments, is to install glass office partition walls.

Glass office walls provide an elegant, stylish and low maintenance solution for creating a practical and comfortable work area. It is also possible to build in adaptability as certain glass walls office interiors can be installed along the lines of a modular glass office walls arrangement that can be altered in layout and configuration as and when your requirements change.

Our bespoke glass office walls for office interiors service

We have installed a multitude of glass office walls and doors for our customers in a variety of workplaces and other locations, and providing a bespoke design based on your requirements is very much a cornerstone of our service.

We can advise on the possibilities and options to suit your office glass walls design project, such as the levels of manifestation required, and what types of acoustic performance your installation might need based on your desired levels of noise reduction and privacy. As for how much do glass office walls cost, we can provide an accurate quotation once we know exactly what type of glass office walls configuration you desire.

Practical office glass walls design

Glass walls in office and other workplace areas benefit businesses and their staff in various ways: a feeling of ‘openness’ can enhance morale and promote a positive ‘working together’ culture as people can see one another as opposed to when staff are shut away in several enclosed spaces – such as in conventional walled offices and cubicles with solid partitions.

Office glass wall panels mean plenty of natural light can permeate the space which is not only beneficial on a practical level, but promotes a sense of wellbeing for staff and visitors.

Office walls with glass offer high levels of privacy in that various levels of ‘noise transmission’ can be controlled by way of the glass wall partitions’ acoustic characteristics. For example, areas where confidential meetings would take place can be easily created whether as a permanent glazed solution or through using movable glass office walls should more versatility be required.

Laminated glass walls for your office interiors might be specified if higher levels of acoustic performance for privacy or minimising disruption are required – for example if you wish to partition off a busy tele sales or customer contact section of the workspace from quieter areas.

Cost effective glass walls in office and other work areas

We think you will be impressed with your pricing options especially when you consider the practicalities of office partition walls with glass and, as discussed above, the saving in hidden costs when you choose glass office walls to reinvigorate your work areas.

The glass office walls cost can soon be offset against likely savings in your heating and lighting expenses as mentioned earlier, and maintenance is minimal. Your glass room dividers only need an occasional wipe down, there is no more decorating so avoiding the cost and upheaval this entails, and glass is proven to be a highly durable solution so should last you many years.

Depending on the glass office partition walls type chosen, you can also benefit from the flexibility of being able to alter their configuration should your workspace needs change.

We can advise on what is required based on your specific
glass office walls and doors installation design type


Safety and the environment

Using glass walls for office interiors, as opposed to perhaps areas of large open plan office, can help reduce costs such as heating and reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Compared to heating a large open plan area, warming a partitioned workspace using glass office walls could prove more efficient as less heat is wasted.

Similarly, less artificial lighting will be required in an airy work area using glass walls for office interiors, and maybe other work areas, so reducing energy costs and also helping the environment.

Office partition walls with glass as their main component are also a safe workspace option: building regulations stipulate they must have what is known as ‘manifestation’ – some type of marking such as frosting or ‘etched on’ designs to show they are office walls with glass so the glazing is clearly observable.



This can be achieved by using frosted glass office walls or, if preferred, a design such as a row of large dots, squares or lines – or your company logo if you wish to personalise your work environment.

Manifestation is required when a ‘floor to ceiling’ run of completely clear glass office walls is deployed, although for designs where some clearly observable dividers and frames are used it may not be necessary. We can advise on what is required based on your specific glass office walls and doors installation design type