With a low profile contemporary design, our double glazed partition systems have excellent aesthetics coupled with unrivalled acoustic ratings.


The DG01 is a high strength lightweight design. At 66mm it is our smallest double glazed profile offering a minimalist look coupled with optimum strength and acoustics. Working with toughened and laminated glass it offers very good acoustic properties and can be finished in Satin Aluminium, Brushed Stainless Steel effect or any RAL colour.


The DG02 2 part deflection head can be combined with the DG01 system to cater for installations where increased movement to the ceiling is needed.


The DG03 is a high strength design with a 100mm depth offering outstanding acoustic ratings. Working with toughened and laminated glass it has unrivalled acoustic properties, similar to blockwork partitions and can be finished in any RAL colour.


All of our double glazed partitioning systems are designed to work with 10mm and 12mm toughened safety glass which offer good acoustic performances. We also offer 10.8mm and 12.8mm laminated glass for an improved acoustic rating. You can also combine a mix of toughened and laminated glass screens enabling you to meet various noise restriction requirements whilst keeping the aesthetics consistent and not adding cost where it’s not necessary.

Inter Panel Glazing Joints

Glass offices and partition screens can truly appear frameless with the latest technology of dry joint inserts. These have a far better appearance than silicone joints and enable the system to be dismantled or reconfigured with minimal disturbance. Installation time is also improved which benefits cost.  All of our double glazed systems can be installed using dry joint technology or silicone joints, both inline and at corners preventing the need for a corner profile.  Georgian bar systems work in line with the glass panels so you do not see the glazing joints. The maximum width of the glass panels depends on the height and overall size of the office, coupled with access to the building/floor.


In addition to providing the basics, such as the construction of glazed offices, walls and floors we also provide manifestation to the glass panels.  When it comes to building regulation, glass offices and partitions must meet the minimum health and safety standards. Whilst it would be nice to see a long run of perfectly clear glazing, the invisibility of glass in a commercial environment poses a safety risk to visitors and staff.  The minimum DDA requirement for commercial glazing is 2 levels of manifestation between 850-1000mm and 1400-1600mm from the floor. This can be in the form of a simple band of frosted dots or squares applied to one face of the glass or it can be in the form of logos or a decorative pattern. Nowadays the use of dots and squares is limited to short term and public areas with highly creative and individual designs of manifestation being used in most situations. The option of a Georgian bar system negates the need for manifestation given you are not too minimalist in your design of squares.

We are happy to quote for any design of manifestation needed, from the very simple to the complex. When we leave site we apply diagonal strips of low tack white tape to the glass to cover any health & safety risk in the short term.

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We are happy to quote for any screen design, from the very simple to the very complex. Please contact us for a no obligation quote and survey if required and allow us to assist you in the implementation of your social distancing measures within the workplace.

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Interested in external glass partitions perhaps to delineate
public areas outside your business premises?


Glass partitions for a safer and environmentally friendly workplace

Heating areas sectioned off with airy glass panel partitions could prove more cost effective than the inevitable waste when heating one large area such as an open office. Heating an area divided into spaces with a glass partition configuration will likely use less energy than one big area, so saving on utility bills and thus proving kinder to the environment.

The same is likely to apply to lighting: fewer artificial lights are required when illuminating an area comprising of office partitions with glass that allow the use of more natural light compared to a workspace featuring more ‘blocked off’ areas such as smaller, individual and possibly window-less walled offices.  

Glass partitions for offices and other work areas are a good choice for safety too: the quality of current glass design and technology is such that damage is less likely and – if a glass partition should break – toughened and laminated glass means it will not splinter and cause a hazard.

Certain glass room dividers – in particular frameless glass partitions and doors that look ‘clear’ from a distance – have to be marked (manifested) through using frosted glass partitions in office and other areas to clearly show it is a glass wall partition. This is a buildings regulation requirement but would not necessarily apply if, for example, the glass partition office design featured thicker frames.

We can advise on the need or otherwise of manifestation on your interior glass partitions and doors, and if it is required various options are possible such as patterns including large dots, squares or lines. Perhaps you might consider choosing a more bespoke solution such as your company logo as a glass wall dividers manifestation option?

Glass wall partition for practicality

Glass partitions for office and other workplace areas such as receptions and waiting rooms benefit staff and users in many ways: glazed areas can promote an atmosphere of ‘open communication’ as staff and others can see each other as opposed to being incarcerated in a closed off office or cubicle.

Using glass room dividers and office partitions means more natural light fills the space which makes for a healthier working environment as less artificial light is used – and less power consumed so saving on energy bills.

Glass office partitions can afford high levels of privacy if required as glazing with certain acoustic properties that reduces or eliminates sound transmission can be specified including double glazed glass partitions. Specific areas such as a room designed using acoustic glass office partitions, and maybe a glass partition with door and double glazing, would be appropriate as a conference or meeting area for sensitive and confidential discussions.

Also, an internal glass partition allowing minimal or maybe no sound through is ideal for when the hubbub from noisier workspaces such as a call handling or tele sales area might disturb others. This is always possible in a glass partition installation.

Designing and implementing your glass partitions office

We can help create your ideal glazing configuration through offering many creative glass partition wall ideas based on your particular requirements.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose from a wide variety of internal glass partition options ranging from featured framed design types through to frameless glass partitions and doors, along with specific glazing to meet your acoustic requirements in minimising sound transmission.

Interested in external glass partitions perhaps to delineate public areas outside your business premises? We can help here too and, of course, for your entire project we will – once we know your full requirements – provide an accurate glass partitions for office price along with costings for other glazed work spaces and exteriors.

Glass partition office cost effectiveness

Your new glass partition wall, dividers and door solution will give you a durable, adaptable and cost effective workplace for many years to come.

As mentioned earlier, along with a pleasant and practical workspace, you will likely save costs in reduced heating and lighting bills along with likely reducing your carbon footprint. Maintenance is drastically reduced as there is no decorating required so none of the cost this entails – just the occasional wipe down of your glass partitions and other office glazing.

Remember too that your glass office partitions can adapt easily to your changing needs if required through specifying a movable glass office walls solution, so proving a highly worthwhile business investment.

We can help create your ideal glazing configuration through offering many creative
glass partition wall ideas based on your particular requirements


Glass office partitions

Using a glass partition wall as the basis of a workspace interior creates an airy and pleasant space utilising more natural light, yet providing more privacy and reduced noise levels compared to an office partition wall made from plaster, brick or using solid dividers to create the archetypal ‘office cubicle’.


Glass partitions can be specified in various design types to suit specific commercial requirements, both in terms of practicalities and aesthetics. Flexibility and adaptability is  easily possible with certain glass office partition systems that can be reconfigured should your requirements change over time.