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Aluminium Windows

Modern Aluminium framed windows share little of the performance and durability issues with which old versions were criticised for in terms of levels of condensation and poor thermal performance. Older windows were limited to white or anodised silver finishes, with hardwood outer frames requiring annual maintenance. The double glazed units comprised standard annealed glass with air trapped between offering far less in the way of solar control, thermal performance and lifespan.

Aluminium windows have evolved significantly, fixing directly to the structure without the need for a sub frame. They are thermally efficient with gas filled sealed units comprising solar control coated toughened glass panels and multi layered laminated glass panels for improved heat and sound insulation as well as bring additional safety. They are far more secure with multi-deadbolt frames, locking handles and laminated or toughened glass. They are also more weather resistant with triple glazed versions widely available.

Furthermore, there is a huge choice of styles available in a wide range of standard colours. The use of aluminium allows for the frames to be thinner than the more common PVCu designs allowing for more glass and therefore more light to transmit through them.

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