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Glass Partitions

We can provide a full design and installation service for your glass partition solution that maintains privacy and minimises noise, yet gives an airy and spacious feel to your environment whether it is office partitions or a glass partition wall for a corridor. The requirement for distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic means temporary or more permanent glass office partitions and screens in other areas such as receptions and canteens may be required: we can help.

Glass Balustrades

A glass balustrade can add a stylish and practical aesthetic to many commercial and domestic settings whether for glass balustrade stairs or in creating a glass banister or a glass balcony. We can help turn your vision into reality with a carefully designed balustrade solution using either vertical posts and handrails, or a frameless glass balustrade using glass stair panels with no obvious join. For commercial applications our balcony and stair balustrade designs meet UK building regulations.

Glass Office Walls

A step on from basic glass room dividers is the creation of an entire office glass wall incorporating either a ‘seamless’ non-frame look or specific frame designs in a variety of styles and colours to create the required aesthetic. Glass wall panels are available in various specifications, including toughened or laminated glass to conform to UK building regulations, and offer a range of certain acoustic properties to minimise noise transmission and maintain privacy.

Glass Wall

Glass walls are an ideal way to open up an area to create a spacious feel whilst preserving privacy and keeping noise levels to a minimum. Advances in glazing technology mean we can design a glass wall solution to suit your environment incorporating features such as double glazing and high strength glass conforming to current UK building regulations: essential for walls in higher footfall commercial settings such as a public building or busy business premises.


A glass balcony is a popular option to create an open, spacious environment whilst maximising safety through a tough and easy to maintain material. Whether for a large gallery style structure to complement a decking glass balustrade installation, or a small glass Juliet balcony, modern glass technology enables various ‘looks’ to be achieved including a simple frameless style or the more traditional vertical posts and handrail options that can conform to building regulations in commercial settings.

Crittall Windows & Doors

Based on the original design from the Essex based Crittall company, our Crittall glass solutions are steel framed windows and doors that can be used to create basic glass room dividers or glass wall panels. A key benefit of Crittall windows and doors is flexibility: if your needs might change in the future, you can order a more temporary style that can be easily reconfigured so your Crittall doors and windows can adapt to meet your needs.


National coverage means we can provide solutions anywhere in the UK from high rise office buildings to reconfiguring spaces

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